FAQs: Review the most common questions asked by our betting community:

About Our Football Tips

1. How do I get notified of newly published football tips?

We currently notify our members of newly published football tip predictions via our Twitter accounts. Follow @CleverBets or @CleverBetsTips for these tip updates. We tweet on these Twitter accounts every time a new tip has been added to the website.


To receive notifications when we tweet, here’s how:

Step 1 – Go to our Twitter account (@CleverBets), tap the notification icon at the top

Step 2 – Tap the button, ‘All Tweets’

2. How do you pick your football predictions and tips?

All tips and predictions published on this website, are made based on the knowledge of our industry experts, as well as the research and assessment of football-related news and historical data. Here are some of the factors we consider before adding new predictions to the website:

  • Head to head form
  • Performance versus teams with similar playing styles and skillsets
  • Team tactic comparisons
  • Team streaks/team form
  • Player form
  • Team injuries
  • Team morale
  • Suspensions
  • Team incentives
  • Weather conditions
  • Real-world factors
  • Team experience
  • Bookmaker odds
  • Competition/League culture
  • Referee bookings history

3. How often do you provide football betting tips?

The Clever Bets team adds football betting tips on a daily basis, however, on some rare occasions, we may choose not to provide tips on specific days. Unlike some tipsters, if our team doesn’t personally feel a day’s fixtures presents enough good opportunities, our team would rather not publish any predictions. That’s because we don’t publish predictions for the sake of it. This includes days, such as Christmas Day, where there aren’t many competitive fixtures to choose from.

Also, our tipsters like to focus on certain tipping markets on specific days (e.g. Some days we may decide to focus on our Accumulators and Goals Galore tipping markets. Most days we like to focus on those, as well as our betting challenges, however).

4. What time do you post your football tips and predictions?

Our tipsters like to gather as much information on fixtures and teams as possible before publishing predictions on the website. This helps contribute to our success rates. Our team of professional tipsters tends to post tips before 3 pm (London, UK time) on weekdays. And by 12pm (London, UK time) on Saturday and Sunday due to earlier kick-offs. However, we may sometimes publish earlier or later, dependent on various factors (including awaiting on team lineups).

Nonetheless, we like to give our members at least 45 minutes notice prior to game kick-offs for pre-match tips. On average, we give at least 4 hours’ notice, however.

5. How do your betting challenges work?

Our £1,000, 14 bet race consists of our tipsters attempting to turn £50 into £1,000 in 14 consecutive bets, where the stake and profits are reinvested on each future bet. 

For example:

Bet 1 – £50 returns £75
Bet 2 – £75 returns £102

Bet 14 – £900 returns £1,000

Our £250, 7 bets race consists of turning £50 into £250 in 7 consecutive bets.

Please don’t feel the need to use £50 as your stake (some members use £5, for example). Only gamble what you are willing to risk yourself. We are not financial advisors and only provide predictions for entertainment purposes. If you are joining in, please use a stake that you are okay with losing. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every bet will win, but we can guarantee that we put effort into researching news and historic data prior to publishing each and every betting selection.

6. How many times have you completed your £1,000 race and £250 race?

In total, our incredible industry experts have completed our £250 race, 62 times (as of 10/10/23). Not only that, but they have also completed our £1,000 race a total of 19 times (as of 10/10/23).

7. What Saturday football tips do you offer?

Weekend football is a punters paradise and we have tips for the whole weekend. Every tip is uniquely formulated and you won’t find them elsewhere on the internet.

8. What types of football tip markets do you provide?

We provide a full schedule of football tips; varying from the following betting markets; over/under goals, results, win or draw double chance, both teams to score, Asian handicaps, cards, corners, goal kicks, both teams to score, and more.

9. What leagues and countries do your football tips and predictions cover?

Our professional tipsters cover 100+ leagues across the globe. This includes the biggest games in the Barclays Premier League, German Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, and Europa League, to the lower leagues across Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

10. What are the best things to bet on?

The best things to bet very much depend on your interests, risk tolerance, and knowledge of particular sports teams and competitions. At Clever Bets, we like to use the ‘Asian handicap’ market in our football betting race challenges, as it can give us a margin of safety in our bets (although no bet is ever guaranteed to win).

For example, the ‘Alternative Asian handicap result +2’ market on bet365 allows us to win the bet, even if the team we are backing loses by one. Additionally, if the team we are backing, loses by 2, this results in the bet becoming void and returning us our stake.

11. Do you provide accumulator tips and predictions?

Yes. We offer our famous accumulator betting tips almost every single day of the year. You can access our accumulators page here.

12. Do you provide premium football tips?

Yes. Our professional tipsters provide daily tips for our paying premium members. This includes our Goals galore, accumulators, 7 bets, and 14 bets race challenges.

13. Do you provide free football tips and predictions?

Yes, occasionally our team provides free football tips to the public, to give a taste of what our tipsters are capable of. You can sign up for our free football tips here. They are then added to our Free Football Tips page here.

14. Which are your best-performing football tips?

All of the football betting tips published on Clever Bets are compiled by our industry experts, so it’s difficult to pick one. More recently, we’ve seen a lot of interest in our big winning accumulators and £250 race because of their success rates.

15. What's an accumulator bet?

An accumulator is a bet that includes four selections or more. Bets with two selections are considered doubles, whereas bets with three selections are known as trebles. You can add up to 20 selections in an accumulator with most online bookmakers.

16. What payment methods can I use to signup?

Currently, we use PayPal as our preferred payment service provider. We are also able to take payments via Skrill. If you would like to use a payment method alternatively to PayPal, please contact us here and a member of our team will get back to you.

Managing Your Account

17. How do I upgrade my account to the premium membership plan?

Have a free account with us already? You may upgrade to our paid membership plan at any time.

All you need to do is…

1) Log in to your free membership account here.
2) Go to our registration signup page here.
3) Register with your preferred membership plan (e.g. bi-monthly or yearly payments).

Once, you have signed up and paid via PayPal, you will gain immediate access to all of our football tips and predictions. Do let us know if you have any questions.

18. Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

Really? Yes. You may cancel, pause, or resume your membership at any time.

Please contact us via support@cleverbetstips.com if you are seeking to cancel your membership. Mention the email and username you used to sign up, as well as the date you signed up. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

You’ve read the FAQs. Still, require support?

If you still require assistance, please contact us via support@cleverbetstips.com or by using the contact form here. Our friendly team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.