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14 Football Bets Challenge (£50 to £1000)

Our #14Bets challenge aims to turn £50, £20 or £10 to £1000 in 14 successful consecutive football bets. We have reached bet 14 seven times now. To join CleverBets and our 500+ members –  Subscribe here.

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(Latest Tip Date: Friday 28th April 2017)






VVV Venlo v Jong Ajax – Btts Yes£50£70tick



Last Challenge COMPLETION

14Iceland vs Turkey – Over 0.5 goals£907.74£1007.59tick
13Germany – Win either half (vs Czech Republic)
Scunthorpe vs Northampton – Over 0.5 goals
12Leicester – Asian handicap +1 (vs Southampton)
Burnley vs Arsenal – Over 0.5 goals
11Liverpool – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Swansea)
Bristol vs Nottm Forest – Over 0.5 goals
10Man Utd – Win (vs Zorya)£460.40£543.27tick
9Borussia M'Gladbach – No clean sheet (vs Barcelona)
Arsenal – Win/Draw (vs Basel)
8Real Madrid – No clean sheet (vs Borussia Dortmund)£325.14£390.17tick
7Villarreal – Win either half (vs Osasuna)£260.11£325.14tick
6Barcelona – Win either half (vs Sporting Gijon)
Man City – Win either half (Swansea)
5Dortmund – Win (vs Freiburg)£159.38£191.26tick
4Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid – Over 0.5 second half goals£127.50£159.38tick
3Liverpool – Win (vs Derby)£93.75£127.50tick
2Cork City – Win (vs Finn Harps)£75£93.75tick
1Real Madrid – Win (vs Espanyol)£50£75tick


bet365-image £10 to £1000


How we completed £50 to £1000 (26th June 2016)

Bet109/06/2016JK Sillamae Kalev – Win (vs Parn Linnameeskond) [Estonia]
Mexico – Win (vs Jamacia)
Bet210/06/2016Albirex Nilgata Singapore – Win/Draw
France – Win (vs Romania)
Bet311/06/2016England vs Russia – Over 1.5 goals£140.76£215.36tick
Bet412/06/2016Croatia – Win or draw (vs Turkey)
Germany vs Ukraine – Over 0.5 second half goals
Bet513/06/2016Rep of Ireland vs Sweden – Over 0.5 goals£333.80£380.53tick
Bet614/06/2016Iceland – No clean sheet (vs Portugal)£380.53£449.03tick
Bet715/06/2016France – Win (vs Albania)£449.03£574.74tick
Bet816/06/2016England vs Wales – Over 0.5 goals
Germany- Win/Draw (vs Poland)
Bet917/06/2016Spain – Win or draw (vs Turkey)£706.93£770.55tick
Bet1018/06/2016Portugal – Handicap +2 (vs Austria)£770.55£816.78tick
Bet1120/06/2016England – Asian handicap +0.5 +1 (vs Slovakia)£816.78£914.79tick
Bet1221/06/2016Poland – Handicap +2 (vs Ukraine)£914.79£951.38tick
Bet1322/06/2016Belgium – Handicap +2 (vs Sweden)£951.38£989.43tick
Bet1426/06/2016Germany – Handicap +2 (vs Slovakia)£989.43£1001.36tick

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How we completed the £20 to £1000! ( 4th Completion )

Bet112th June 2015Chile – Win (vs Ecuador)£20£32.20tick
Bet212th June 2015Holland – Over 1.5 team goals (vs Latvia)£32.20£43.79tick
Bet313th June 2015Poland – Win (vs Georgia)
Uruguay – Win (vs Jamaica)
Bet414th June 2015MFK Vitkovice – Win/Draw (vs FK Kozlovice)
Lithuania – No clean sheet (vs Switzerland)
Bet515th June 2015Bolivia – No clean sheet (vs Ecuador)
Berazategui – Win/Draw (vs Canuelas FC)
Bet616th June 2015Romania U21 – Win/Draw (vs Armenia U21)£159.71£188.46tick
Bet717th June 2015CS Dock Sud – Draw No Bet (vs Defensores de Cambaceres)£188.46£241.23tick
Bet820th June 2015£241.23£308.77tick
Bet921st June 2015Nykopings – Win/Draw (vs Vasteras SK)£308.77£385.96tick
Bet1022nd June 2015Arkopolis – Draw No Bet (vs Soertalje FK)£385.96£482.45tick
Bet1126th June 2015Hassleholms IF – Win/Draw (vs Osterlen FF)£482.45£603.06tick
Bet1228th June 2015Trelleborgs FF – Draw no bet (vs Oskarshamns AIK)£603.06£723.67tick
Bet1330th June 2015IR Reykjavik – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Njardvik)£723.67£868.40tick
Bet145th July 2015Dalkurd FF – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Sodertalje)£868.40£1016.03tick

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Challenge Attempt (£20 to £1000)

Bet129th Dec 2014Liverpool – No clean sheet (vs Swansea)£20£30
Bet230th Dec 2014Porto to win either half (vs Rio Ave)
Ipswich – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Charlton)
Bet31st Jan 2015West Ham – Win (Draw No Bet)
Liverpool – Win either half
£42.90£71.21 £52.33
Bet43rd Jan 2015Wycombe Wanderers – Win (vs Hartlepool)£52.33£84.25
Bet54th Jan 2015Sunderland – Win (vs Leeds)
Manchester City – Win (vs Sheffield Wednesday)
Bet65th Jan 2015Burnley v Spurs – Over 1.5 match goals
PSG – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Montpellier)
Bet76th Jan 2015Rio Ave – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Gil Vicente)
Malaga – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Levante)
Bet87th Jan 2015Valencia Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Espanyol)
Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid – Over 0.5 match goals
Bet910th Jan 2015Valencia – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Celta Vigo)
Chelsea – Win either half (vs Newcastle)
Bet1011th Jan 2015Atletico Madrid – Asian handicap +2.5 (vs Barcelona)
Stoke – No clean sheet (vs Arsenal)
Bet1113th Jan 2015Espanyol v Valencia – Over 0.5 second half goals£559.64£699.55
Bet1215th Jan 2015Atletico Madrid – No clean sheet (vs Real Madrid)£699.55£783.50
Bet1317th Jan 2015QPR – No clean sheet (vs Manchester United)£783.50£893.19
Bet1418th Jan 2015Arsenal – No clean sheet (vs Manchester City)£893.19£1037

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How we completed the £20 to £1000! ( 3rd Completion )

Bet17th Dec 2014West Ham – Win/Draw (vs Swansea)
Aston Villa – Win/Draw (vs Leicester)
Bet28th Dec 2014Ajax Reserves – Win (vs RKC)
Man Utd – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Southampton)
Bet39th Dec 2014Arsenal – Win/Draw (vs Galatasaray)
Ajax U19 – Win (Apoel N U19)
Bet410th Dec 2014Barcelona v PSG – Over 1.5 goals
Roma v Man City – Under 4.5 goals
Bet511th Dec 2014Feyenoord – Win/Draw (vs Standard Liege)£140.45£182.59
Bet612th Dec 2014Almeria v Real Madrid – Over 0.5 first half goals
Lyon – Win/Draw (vs Caen)
Bet713th Dec 2014Chelsea – Win (vs Hull)
West Ham – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Sunderland)
Bet814th Dec 2014Man Utd – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Liverpool)£330.30£402.60
Bet915th Dec 2014Everton – Asian handicap 0 (vs QPR)£402.60£467.02
Bet1016th Dec 2014Real Madrid – Win (vs Cruz Azul)
Chelsea – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Derby)
Bet1118th Dec 2014Juventus – Asian handicap 0 (vs Cagliari)£579.10£671.76
Bet1220th Dec 2014West Ham – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Leicester)£671.76£792.68
Bet1321st Dec 2014Arsenal – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Liverpool)£792.68£935.36
Bet1422nd Dec 2014Stoke vs Chelsea – Over 0.5 match goals£935.36£1005.51


How we completed the £10 to £1000! ( 2nd Completion )

Bet112th Nov 2014FFC Frankfurt Women – Win (vs Torres Women)£10£32
Bet214th Nov 2014Poland – Win/Draw (vs Georgia)
Ascoli – Win/Draw (vs Forli)
Bet319th Nov 2014Tunisia – Win/Draw (vs Egypt)
Portsmouth – No clean sheet (vs Aldershot)
Bet421st Nov 2014Lija Athletic – Win (vs Birzebbuga)£80.07£106.49
Bet522nd Nov 2014Real Madrid – Win (vs Eibar)£106.49£157.61
Bet623rd Nov 2014Crystal Palace vs Liverpool – Under 4.5 goals
Sampdoria – Win/Draw (vs Cesena)
Bet724th Nov 2014Southampton – Win/Draw (Aston Villa)£226.96£272.35
Bet825th Nov 2014Barcelona – Win (vs Apoel Nicosia)£272.35£346.61
Bet926th Nov 2014Arsenal – Asian handicap (+1.5) (vs Borussia Dortmund)
Juventus – Win/Draw (vs Malmo)
Bet1027th Nov 2014Metalist Kharkiv – No clean sheet (vs Trabzonspor)£436.73£502.24
Bet1129th Nov 2014Swansea – Win/Draw (vs Crystal Palace)
Chelsea – Win/Draw (vs Sunderland)
Bet1230th Nov 2014Barcelona – Asian handicap (+0.5) (vs Valencia)£652.91£763.90
Bet132nd Dec 2014Swansea – Win/Draw (vs QPR)£763.90£901.40
Bet143rd Dec 2014L'Hospitalet – No clean sheet (vs Atletico Madrid)
Celtic – Win/Draw (vs Patrick Thistle)


How we completed the £10 to £1000 ( 1st Completion)

Altough it may seem really difficult turning £10 to £1000, this was made possible by our team for the first time in March 2014. Nonetheless we have gone on to complete our famous 14 bets challenge multiple times. And you should get involved in our next £10 to £1000 betting challenge/£50 to £1000 betting challenge! Join Clever Bets as a premium member today. Simply click here and enjoy!


Bet116th March 2014Arsenal – Win/Draw double chance
Parma – Asian handicap (+1.5)
Bet218th March 2014Chelsea – Over 1.5 team goals£19£30.59
Bet319th March 2014Man United – Win£30.59£76.48
Bet421st March 2014PSG – Win£76.48£110.13
Bet522nd March 2014Liverpool – Win£110.13£154.18
Bet623rd March 2014Parma – Win/Draw£154.18£181.93
Bet723rd March 2014Real Madrid vs Barclelona – Over 1.5 goal line£181.93£214.68
Bet825th March 2014Arsenl – Win/Draw
Man Utd vs Man City – Over 0.5 2nd half goals
Bet926th March 2014Liverpool – Win£296.26£349.56
Bet1028th March 2014Schalke – Win/Draw£349.56£436.95
Bet1130th March 2014Everton – Win/Draw
Real Soceidad – Asian handicap (+1.5)
Bet121st April 2014Atletico Madrid – Asian handicap (+2.5)£576.77£692.12
Bet132nd April 2014Real Madrid – Asian handicap (0)£692.12£759.94
Bet145th April 2014Man Utd – Asian handicap (+0.5)£759.94£1002.88


The football Bets Race – £10 to £1000 Challenge

Clever Bets have reached the last bet of our 14 bets challenge 5 times. We recommend all punters get involved in this race as we have proven our ability to complete this challenge in the past. The original challenge revolved around turing £10 to £1000, however is now the £50 to £1000 challenge to boost our chances of reaching the target in the desired 14 bets, which we have already done multiple times.

You may use any stake you are comfortable with however. £10 to £1000, £50 to £1000. Whatever suits you most. If you enjoy placing plenty of football bets then you will enjoy the challenge guys. Join here to take part and copy the football bets of our staff.