The World Cup 22 Clever Bets Outright Forecast

We are very excited to announce the Clever Bets Outright Forecast for the 2022 World Cup.

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What is “The World Cup 22 Clever Bets Outright Forecast”?

It’s a simple concept of placing 16 bets on Bet365’s ‘Outright forecast’ market. The Outright Forecast market involves predicting the teams that are going to win the World Cup, and the team that is going to lose in the final (first and second place). The odds for these markets are very high. By placing 16 bets on the teams who we think have a good chance of getting to the final, we’ve been able to spread our risk, as oppose to staking a high amounts on one or two teams to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The Clever Bets team has placed approximately £200 across the 16 bets. Our favourite 6 bets would all return us between £402.50 and £682.50 in profit. Feel free to join in!

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Disclaimer: If you do take part, use stakes that you are willing to lose. We are not financial advisors, and publish selections purely for entertainment purposes. All money that you choose to gamble can be lost. Our team researches football and statistics on a daily basis to try and help us predict football outcomes, however, any of our selections can lose. By copying our predictions and placing them in bets, you are doing so at your own risk. Our past performances are in no way indicative of future guaranteed results.