WE DID IT – We turned £10 into £1000 completing our 14 bets challenge

We did it!

With all of the ridiculous get money quick schemes out there on the internet, as well as the countless football betting tipster websites out there that claim to be thousands in profit. We at Clever Bets are one of the genuine few that are actually making their subscribers good profits and we have a great example of how we do it.

One of the things that sets Clever Bets apart from the rest is the Clever Bets £10 to £1000 14 bets challenge that we have now completed TWICE! Some doubted we could do it again, but we proved them wrong when we completed it for the second time on the 5th April 2014. We began the challenge on the 16th March 2014 and were able to complete it within 3 weeks. To see what the challenge consists of please scroll down.


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What does the 14 bets challenge consist of?

The 14 bets £10 to £1000 challenge consists of beginning with £10 and simply placing 14 consecutive bets. The profits are reinvested with each bet you do, which eventually accumulates into £1000 by the time you reach the 14th bet.


So here’s how we did it in April 2014:

Bet 116/03/2014Arsenal – Win/Draw double chance
Parma – Asian handicap (+1.5)
Bet 218/03/2014Chelsea – Over 1.5 team goals£19£30.59
Bet 319/03/2014Man United – Win£30.59£76.48
Bet 421/03/2014PSG – Win£76.48£110.13
Bet 522/03/2014Liverpool – Win£110.13£154.18
Bet 623/03/2014Parma – Win/Draw double chance£154.18£181.93
Bet 723/03/2014Real Madrid v Barcelona – Over 1.5 goal line£181.93£214.68
Bet 825/03/2014Arsenal – Win/Draw double chance
Man Utd v Man City – Over 0.5 2nd half goals
Bet 926/03/2014Liverpool – Win£296.26£349.56
Bet 1028/03/2014Schalke – Win/Draw double chance£349.56£436.95
Bet 1130/03/2014Everton – Win/Draw double chance
Real Sociedad – Asian handicap (+1.5)
Bet 1201/04/2014Atletico Madrid – Asian handicap (+2.5)£576.77£692.12
Bet 1302/04/2014Real Madrid – Asian handicap (0)£692.12£759.94
Bet 1405/04/2014Man United – Asian handicap (+0.5)£759.94£1,002.88



Want to take part in the next Clever Bets 14 bets challenge and enjoy turning £10 into £1000? To see the current challenge everyone is taking part in click here. If you would like to take part with everyone click here to join the Exclusive Clever Bets premium membership club.


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  1. Ben Smith says:

    Just signed up. Never ended in profit with any tipsters. Hopefully now. 🙂

  2. John Clemence says:

    Very impressive guys. I will be signing up promto!! Lets do it again!

  3. Max Blackwell says:

    You guys are the best football tipsters around! Thanks for the daily tips. Well worth the money! Looking forward to the next £10 to £1000 so I can make so more profit!

  4. George Luton says:

    I absolutely love you guys. Thank you so much for the grand. I guess it’s time to splash it on a holiday 😀 many thanks to your whole team at clever bets #bookiebashing

  5. TopLad Dezza says:

    WOHOO!! Man United you beautiesS!! £1000 in the bank!

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