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4Sampdoria vs Spezia – Over 1.5 goals£159.21£191.05tick
3Crvena Zvezda – Alternative Asian Handicap +1.0 (vs Midtjylland) [UEFA Europa League]£126.36£159.21tick
2FC Salzburg – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Wolfsburg) [UCL]
Benfica – No clean sheet (vs Bayern Munich)
Juventus – Alternative asian handicap +1.5 (vs Zenit St Petersburg)
1PSG vs RB Leipzig – BTTS
Man City – Win or draw (vs Club Brugge)


43rd Completion of our £250 Race!! [2nd October 2021]

7FC Twente – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs FC Groningen) [Netherlands Eredivisie]£219.43£254.54tick
6West Ham – Win (vs Rapid Vienna) [Europa League]£182.86£219.43tick
5Sevilla – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Wolfsburg)
Chelsea – Asian handicap +1.0 (vs Juventus) [Void]
£164.67£200.90 £182.86tick
4RB Leipzig vs Club Brugge – Over 1.5 goals [UCL]£141.96£164.67tick
3Crystal Palace vs Brighton – Over 0.5 second half goals£109.20£141.96tick
2Cordoba – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Don Benito) [Spain Segunda RFEF Group 4]£91£109.20tick
1SVV Ulm 1846 – Win eiter half (vs FC Astoria Walldorf) [Germany Regionalliga South West]
Leeds vs West Ham – Over 1.5 goals
Liverpool – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Brentford)


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42nd Completion of our £250 Race!! [6th May 2021]

7Porto – Alternative handicap result +3 (vs Benfica)
Arsenal vs Villarreal – Over 0 cards
6Sporting Lisborn – Alternative asian handicap +0.5 (vs Rio Ave)£202.96£239.49tick
5Man City – Under 5 team goals (vs PSG)
Man City vs PSG – Over 0 cards
Blackpool – Alternative handicap result +2 (vs Doncaster)
Charlton vs Lincoln City – Over 0 goals
4Hoang Anh Gia Lai – Win or draw (vs Binh Duong) [Vietnam V-League]
Newcastle Alternative Handicap Result +3 (vs Arsenal)
Man Utd vs Liverpool – Over 0 cards in match [VOID]
£149.81£182.77 £176.49tick
3Southampton – Under 3 team goals (vs Leicester City)
Southampton – Over 3.5 goal kicks (vs Leciester City)
Chelsea vs Fulham – Under 5 goals
Lille vs Nice – Over 1.5 goals
2Villarreal – No clean sheet (vs Arsenal)£64£85.12tick
1PSG vs Man City – Over 0 goals in the 2nd half
PSG vs Man City – Over 8.5 goal kicks

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£250 Race COMPLETE! (8th April 2021)

6Man Utd – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Granada)
Arsenal – Under 5 team goals (vs Slavia Prague)
5Ternana – Alternative Asian handicap 0.0 (vs Cavese) [Italy Serie C]
Bayern Munich vs PSG – Over 0.5 second half goals
Bayern Munich vs PSG – Over 0 cards
4Man City – Win either half (vs Borussia Dortmund)£139.50£164.61tick
3Bournemouth – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Blackburn)
West Ham – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Wolves)
2Tottenham – Over 0 team goals (vs Newcastle)
Aston Villa – Alternative handicap +2 (vs Fulham)
Man Utd – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Brighton)
1Leeds – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Sheffield Utd)
Arsenal vs Liverpool – Over 0 goals
Arsenal vs Liverpool – Over 0 cards in the 2nd half
Bayern Munich – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs RB Leipzig)

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2020 Completions

£250 Race COMPLETE! (9th December 2020)

7Atletico Madrid – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Salzburg)£232.27£257.82tick
6Chelsea – Win or draw (vs Krasnodar)
Chelsea vs Krasnodar – Over 0.5 goals
5Tottenham – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Arsenal)£155£209.25tick
4Everton – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Burnley)
Man City – Win (vs Fulham)
3Rangers – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Standard Liege)
Nice vs Bayer Leverkusen – Over 1.5 goals
2Man Utd vs PSG – Over 1.5 goals
Man Utd vs PSG – Under 40.5 free kicks
Barcelona – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Ferencvarosi)
1Bayern Munich – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Atletico Madrid)£50£65tick


£250 Race COMPLETE! (20th September 2020)

7Leicester – Win or draw (vs Burnely)£229.75£257.32tick
6Arsenal – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs West Ham)
Leeds – Handicap +2 (vs Fulham)
5Valur – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Akranes) [Iceland]£159.55£191.46tick
4Cartagines – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs ADR Jicaral) [Costa Rica]£126.63£159.55tick
3Osters IF – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Trelleborgs FF) [Sweden]£100.50£126.63tick
2Chelsea – Win or draw (vs Brighton)
Chelsea – Over 2 corners (vs Brighton)
Chelsea vs Brighton – Under 17 corners
Al Ahly Cairo – Win or draw (vs Al Ittihad) [Egypt]
1Liverpool – Win or draw (vs Leeds)
Liverpool vs Leeds – Over 16.5 free kicks
Liverpool vs Leeds – Under 9 cards
Leicester – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs West Brom)


£250 Race COMPLETE! (23rd August 2020)

6Bayern Munich – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs PSG)
Bayern Munich vs PSG – Under 18 corners
5Inter Milan – Handicap +2 (vs Sevilla)
Inter Milan vs Sevilla – Under 16 corners
4Bayern Munich – To qualify
Bayern Munich vs Lyon – Under 14 cards
Bayern Munich vs Lyon – Under 17 corners
Bayern Munich vs Lyon – Over 0.5 goals
3PSG – To qualify (vs RB Leipzig)
PSG – Over 0.5 team goals (vs RB Leipzig)
PSG vs RB Leipzig – Under 41.5 free kicks
2Inter Milan – To qualify (vs Shakhtar)
Inter vs Shakhtar – Under 16 corners
Inter vs Shakhtar – Under 4 first half goals
1Rangers – win or draw (vs Livingston)
Man Utd – Over 0.5 goals (vs Sevilla)
Man Utd vs Sevilla – Under 19.5 first half free kicks
Man Utd vs Sevilla – Under 39.5 free kicks in match
Man Utd vs Sevilla – Over 2.5 first half corners


£250 Race COMPLETE! (15th July 2020)

7Man city – win either half (vs Bournemouth)
Man City vs Bournemouth – Under 7 cards
Liverpool – Handicap +2 (vs Arsenal)
6Man Utd – Win or draw (vs Southampton)
Man Utd – Over 1.5 corners
Man Utd vs Southampton – Over 0.5 goals
5Arsenal – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Tottenham Hotspur)£165.82£190.69tick
4West Ham – Asian Handicap +0.5 (vs Norwich)£127.55£165.82tick
3Liverpool – Over 0.5 goals (vs Brighton)
Aston Villa vs Man Utd – Under 18.5 first half free kicks
Aston Villa vs Man Utd – Over 0.5 goals
Man Utd – Win or draw (vs Aston Villa)
2Arsenal vs Leciester – Over 19.5 free kicks
Arsenal vs Leicester – Over 8.5 second half free kicks
Arsenal vs Leicester – Under 16 corners
Arsenal vs Leicester – Over 0.5 cards
Chelsea – Over 0.5 team goals (vs Crystal Palace)
1Tottenham Hospur vs Everton – Over 19.5 free kicks
Tottenham Hospur vs Everton – Under 14 corners
Tottenham Hospur vs Everton – Under 9 goals


£250 Race COMPLETE! (27th June 2020)

7Man Utd – Win or draw (vs Norwich)£228£250.80tick
6Man Utd – Win or draw (vs Sheffield Utd)
Wolves – Win or draw (vs Bournemouth)
Inter Milan – Win or draw (vs Sassuolo)
5Tottenham – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs West Ham)£141.80£170.16tick
4Inter – Win or draw (vs Sampdoria)
Everton vs Liverpool – Over 18.5 free kicks
3Manchester United – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Tottenham)£85.94£118.17tick
2Real Madrid – Win or draw (vs Valencia)
Real Madrid vs Valencia – Over 1.5 goals
1Sheffield United +0.5 (vs Aston Villa)£50£68.75tick


£250 Race Complete! (13th June 2020)

7Borussia Dortmund – Over 0.5 team goals (vs Fortuna Dusseldorf)
Borussia Dortmund – Win or draw (vs Fortuna Dusseldorf)
Borussia Dortmund vs Fortuna Dusseldorf – Over 16.5 free kicks
6PSG vs Dortmund – Over 20.5 free kicks
PSG vs Dortmund – Over 0.5 second half cards
PSG vs Dortmund – Over 4 corners
5RB Leipzig vs Tottenham – Over 19.5 free kicks
RB Leipzig vs Tottenham – Over 5 corners
RB Leipzig vs Tottenham – Over 0.5 second half cards
4Leciester vs Aston Villa – Under 10 first half corners
Leciester vs Aston Villa – Under 35.5 free kicks
Leicester – Win or draw (vs Aston Villa)
3Wolves – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Brighton)£112.84£130.89tick
2Man City – Win and Over 3 team corners£91£112.84tick
1Wolves – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Tottenham)
Man Utd or draw (vs Everton)
Man Utd vs Everton – Over 20.5 free kicks


£250 Race Complete! (1st Feb 2020)

6Real Madrid – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Atlético Madrid)
Liverpool – Win or draw (vs Southampton)
5Liverpool – Win or draw (vs Shrewsbury)
Man City – Win (vs Fulham)
4Chelsea or draw (vs Hull)£149.05£165.45tick
3Liverpool – Over 4 corners (vs Man Utd)
Liverpool  vs Man Utd – Over 1.5 cards
2Sheffield Utd – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Arsenal)£83.33£110.41tick
1Liverpool – Win (vs Spurs)£50£83.33tick


£250 Race Complete! (1st December 2019)

6Leicester – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Everton)£225.06£265.57tick
5Liverpool – Win (vs Brighton)£184.48£225.06tick
4Man Utd – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Brighton)£159.04£184.48tick
3Leicester – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Arsenal)
Sheffield Utd – Asian handicap +2.5
2West Ham vs Sheffield Utd – Under 4.5 goals
Bournemouth – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Watford)
1Bournemouth – Win or draw (vs Norwich)
Newcastle – No clean sheet (vs Chelsea)
Aston Villa – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Brighton)


£250 Race Complete 3rd time in a row! (10th December)

(Bet 5 uses the Bet365 bet builder)

5Everton – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Watford)
Everton – Over 3 corners
4Bouremouth – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Huddersfield)
Man City – Win either half (vs Watford)
3Man Utd – Win or draw (vs Southampton)
Real Madrid vs Valencia – Over 1.5 goals
2Valencia – No clean sheet (vs Juventus)
Man Utd – Win (vs Young Boys)
1Newcastle – Asian handciap +0.5 (vs Burnley)£50£71.25tick


£250 Race Complete AGAIN! (11th November)

6Bournemouth –  Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Newcastle)
Atletico Madrid – Win or draw (vs Athletic Bilbao)
Arsenal – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Wolves)
5Sevilla – Win either half (vs Akhisar Belediye)£154.55£176.19tick
4Man City – Win (vs Shaktar Donetsk)
Lyon vs Hoffenheim – Over 1.5 goals
3Napoli vs PSG – Over 1.5 goals£105.98£123.64tick
2Man City – Win (vs Southampton)
Chelsea vs Crystal Palace – Over 1.5 goals
1Everton – Corner match bet (vs Brighton)
Man Utd – Handicap +2 (vs Bournemouth)
Tottenham – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Wolves)


£250 Race Complete AGAIN! (3rd November)

6Chelsea or draw (vs Derby)
Arsenal – Win (vs Blackpool)
5Chelsea – Win or draw (vs Burnley)
Crystal Palace – No clean sheet (vs Arsenal)
Barcelona – Handicap +2 (vs Real Madrid)
4Fulham vs Bournemouth – Over 1.5 goals
Juventus – Win or draw (vs Empoli)
3Man Utd vs Juventus – Over 0.5 goals
Man City – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Shakter Donetsk)
Benfica – No clean sheet (vs Ajax)
2Arsenal vs Leicester – Over 7 corners
Arsenal vs Leicester – Over 1.5 goals
1Everton vs Crystal Palace – over 1.5 goals£50£65tick


£250 Race Complete AGAIN! (24th August)

7Rangers – Win or draw (vs FC Ufa) [UELQ]£223.28£251.19tick
6Aston Villa vs Brentford  – Over 1.5 goals£178.62£223.28tick
5Portsmouth – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Bristol City)£153.98£178.62tick
4Liverpool – Win either half (vs Crystal Palace)£126.21£153.98tick
3Man City – Asian handicap -1.5 (vs Huddersfield)£97.09£126.21tick
2Leicester vs Wolves – Over 1.5 goals
Tottenham – win or draw (vs Fulham)
1Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid – Over 1.5 goals£50£66.50tick


£250 Race Complete AGAIN! (29th April)

6Man Utd – Win or draw (vs Arsenal)£228.01£250.81tick
5Liverpool – Win or draw (vs Stoke)
Real Madrid – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Leganes)
Crystal Palace vs Leicester – Over 0.5 goals
4Marseille vs Salzburg – Over 1.5 goals£150.72£183.88tick
3Neuthcatel Xamax – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Servette) [Switzerland]
Newcastle – Handicap +3 (vs Everton)
2Chelsea – Corner match bet (vs Southampton)£86.50£124.56tick
1Derby vs Middlesbrough – Over 0.5 goals
Crystal Palace – Win or draw (vs Watford)
Cardiff – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Nottm Forest)


£250 Race Complete AGAIN!  (14th February)

7Liverpool – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Porto)£227.74£251.65tick
6Man City – Win either half (vs Basel)£193£227.74tick
5Jong Heerenveen – Win or draw (vs Jong Feyenoord)£137.86£193tick
4Atletcio Madrid – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Malaga)
Napoli – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Lazio)
3Juventus – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Fiorentina)£87.50£100.62tick
2Barcelona – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Valencia)£70£87.50tick
1Tottenham – Win (vs Newport County)
Platense – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Sacachispas) [Argentina]


£250 Race Complete AGAIN! (2nd January)

6Tottenham – Win either half (vs Swansea)
Southamptom vs Crystal Palace – Over 0.5 goals
5Man City – Win or draw (vs Crystal Palace)£179.31£192.04tick
4Man Utd – Win or draw (vs Southampton)
Liverpool – Win or draw (vs Leicester)
3Man City – Win or draw (vs Newcastle)
Fenerbache – Win or draw (vs Istanbulspor) [Turkey]
2Liverpool – Win (vs Swansea)
Huddersfield vs Stoke – Over 0.5 goals
Everton – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs West Brom)
1Man City – Asian Handicap -1.5 (vs Bournemouth)
Crystal Palace – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Swansea)



£250 Race Complete AGAIN! (26th November 2017)

7Marseille – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Guingamp)£223.74£250.29tick
6Tottenham – Win either half (vs West Brom)
Chelsea – Handicap +3 (vs Liverpool)
5Leicester – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs West Ham)£159.47£183.39tick
4Lazio – Win or draw (vs Vitesse)
Zenit – Win (vs Vardar Skopje)
3PSG – Win (vs Celtic)
Chelsea – Draw no bet (vs Qarabag)
Man Utd – Handicap +2 (vs Basel)
2Man City – Win (vs Feyenoord)
Tottenham – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Borussia Dortmund)
1Brighton – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Stoke)£50£67.50tick


£250 Race Complete AGAIN! (3rd November 2017)

7NEC – Asian handicap +2 (vs Cambuur Leeuwarden) [Holland]
Frankfurt – Asian handicap +2 (vs Werder Bremen) [Germany]
6Arsenal – Win or draw (vs Red Star Belgrade)£209.62£230.58tick
5PSG – Win (vs Anderlecht)
Man Utd – Win or draw (vs Benfica)
4Lecce – Draw no bet (vs Cosenza) [Italy]£144.57£180.71tick
3Arsenal – Win (vs Swansea)
Juventus – Win or draw (vs AC Milan)
2Viktoria Plzen – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs MFK Karvina) [Czech Republic]£75£91.50tick
1Chelsea – Win (vs Everton)  [Caraboa Cup]£50£75tick


£250 Race Complete (19th October 2017)

7Marseille – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Guimaraes)£237.13£251.83tick
6Juventus – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Sporting)
Man Utd – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Benfica)
5Man City – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Napoli [UCL])£145.30£174.36tick
4Leicester – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs West Brom)£116.24£145.30tick
3Marseille – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Strasbourg) [France]£92.25£116.24tick
2Spurs – Win (vs Bournemouth) [England]
Shrewsbury – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Plymouth) [England – L1]
Real Madrid – Win or draw (vs Getafe) [Spain]
1FK Austria Vienna II – Win or draw (vs First Vienna FC) [Austria]£50£61.50tick


£250 Race Complete (8th October 2017)

7Lithuania – No clean sheet (vs England)£231.44£250.65tick
6Shamrock Rovers – Win or draw (vs Drogheda) [Ireland]£213.70£231.44tick
5England – Win (vs Slovenia)£160.68£213.70tick
4Sparta Prague U21 – Win or draw (vs Slavia Prague U21)  [Czech Republic]£140.95£160.68tick
3Rangers – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Hamilton)
Man Utd – Win (vs Crystal Palace)
Chelsea vs Man City – Over 0.5 goals
2Lazio – Win (vs Zulte-Waregem) [UEL]
Nice – Win or draw (vs Vitesse) [UEL]
1Man Utd – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs CSKA Moscow)
Barcelona – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Sporting)


£250 Race Complete (26th September 2017)

7Man City – Win (vs Shaktar Donetsk)£218.40£262.08tick
6Inter Milan – Asian handicap +0.5 (Genoa)£196.76£218.40tick
5Man Utd – Win or draw (vs Southampton)
Man City – Win (vs Crystal Palace)
Real Madrid – Win (vs Alaves)
4Paderborn – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Hansa Rostock)[Germany]£99.72£123.75tick
3Villarreal – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Espanyol)£82.41£99.72tick
2Man Utd and Arsenal – Wins [EFL Cup]£67£82.41tick
1Inter Milan – Win or draw (vs Bolonga) [Seria A]
Rangers – Win or draw (vs Partick Thistle) [Scotland]


£250 Race Wins (24th August 2017)

7Stoke or draw (vs Rochdale)
Liverpool – Handicap +2 (vs Hoffenheim)
7Sevilla – Draw No Bet (vs Istanbul Basaksehir) [UCLQ]£231.30£268.31VOID
6Everton – No clean sheet (vs Man City)£213.57£231.30tick
5Tottenham – Handicap +2 (vs Chelsea)
Real Madrid – Win (vs Deportivo)
4Leicester vs Brighton – Over 1.5 goals
Man Utd – Draw no bet (vs Swansea)
3Monaco – Win (vs Metz) [France – Ligue 1]£79.30£105.47tick
2Marseille – Asian Handicap +0.5 (vs NK Domzale) [UELQ]
AC Milan – Win either half (vs Shkendija Tetovo) [UELQ]
1Celtic – Win either half (vs Astana) [UCLQ]£50£65tick


£250 Race WINS (11th July 2017)!

7Keflavik – Win or draw (vs HK Kopavogur) [Iceland]
Partizan Belgrade vs Buducnost Podgorica – Over 0.5 goals [UCLQ]
6Rosenborg – Win (vs Sandefjord) [Norway]£176.26£220.33tick
5Shelbourne – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Athlone Town) [Ireland]£146.88£176.26tick
4Czech Republic U19 vs Portugal U19 – Over 1.5 goal line£117.50£146.88tick
3Al Ahly Cairo – Win or draw (vs El Masry) [Egypt]£86.40£117.50tick
2HIJK – Win or draw (vs Inter Turku) [Finland]
Chile – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Germany)
1Bate Borisov – Win (vs FK Gorodeya) [Belarus]£50£60tick


£250 Race WINS (21st June 2017)!

7Portugal – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Russia)£204.67£251.74tick
6Flora – Win (vs Kalju) [Estonia]£158.65£204.67tick
5Torns IF – Draw No Bet (vs Vimmerby) [Sweden]£134.46£158.65tick
4Gwardia Koszalin – Win (vs Chemik Bydgoszcz) [Poland]£98.87£134.46tick
3TPS vs EIF – Over 1.5 goals [Finland]£83.79£98.87tick
3Hudiksvalls FF – Draw no bet (vs Bodens BK FF) [Sweden]£83.79£83.79Void
2IK Brage – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Vasalunds IF) [Sweden]£63£83.79tick
1England – Asian Handicap +0.5 (vs Scotland)
Denmark – Asian handicap +0.5 (Kazakhstan)


£250 Race (5th win in 7 attempts)!

7Young boys – Win or draw (vs Lausanne Sports) [Switzerland Super League]£225.16£258.93tick
6Alanyaspor – No clean sheet (vs Galatasaray) [Turkey]£210.23£225.16tick
5Napoli – Win or draw (vs Sampdoria) [Italy]£196.29£210.23tick
4Juventus – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Bolonga) [Italy]
Alaves – No clean sheet (vs Barcelona) [Spain]
3Man Utd – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Ajax)
Tvaakers – Win or draw (vs Tenhults) [Sweden]
2Stabaek – Asian hadicap +0.5 (vs Viking) [Norway]£87.50£112tick
1Spurs – Win (vs Hull)
Arsenal or draw (vs Everton)
Real Madrid to score  in 2nd half (vs Malaga)


£250 Race WINS (4th win in 6 attempts)!

7Nimes – Draw no bet (vs Laval) [France Ligue 2]£217.08£251.81tick
6Celtic or draw (vs Patrick Thistle)£200.44£217.08tick
5Juventus vs Lazio – Over 0.5 goals
Monaco – Win (vs St Ettiene)
Real Madrid – Win or draw (vs Celta Vigo)
4Ross County – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Hamilton)
Arsenal – Win (vs Sunderland)
3IK Brage – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Sandvikens) [Sweden]£101.25£123.53tick
2Alaves – Asian handjicap +0.5 (vs Celta Vigo)
Barcelona – Win (vs Las Palmas)
1Swansea – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Sunderland)
Dortmund – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Augsburg)


£250 Race WINS (3rd win in 4 attempts)!

7Real Madrid – Win (vs Granada)£225.81£250.65tick
6Man Utd – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Celta Vigo)£167.27£225.81tick
5Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid – Over 0.5 second half goals£128.67£167.27tick
4Inter Milan – no clean sheet (vs Napoli)£105.47£128.67tick
3Crystal Palace vs Burnley – Over 0.5 goals
Atletico Madrid – Win or draw (vs Las Palmas)
2Atlanta – No clean sheet (vs Juventus)£67.50£84.38tick
1Man Utd – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs  Man City)£50£67.50tick


26th April Race WINS!!

7Crystal Palace vs Spurs – Over 0.5 2nd half goals
Deportivo – No clean sheet (vs Real Madrid)
6Roma – Win or draw (vs Pescara) [Italy]
Chelsea – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Southampton)
5Arsenal vs Man City – Over 1.5 goals
Real Madrid – Asian handicap +1.5 (vs Barcelona)
Juventus – Win or draw (vs Genoa)
4Fiorentina vs Inter – Over 0.5 second half goals£110.11£127.72tick
3Cork City – Win or draw (vs St Patricks) [Ireland]
Norwich vs Brighton – Over 0.5 goals [England]
2Man Utd – Qualify (vs Anderlecht)
Genk vs Celta Vigo- Over 0.5 second half goals
1Borussia Dortmund – To score in 2nd half£50£70tick



15th April Race WINS!!

7Crystal Palace – Win or draw (vs Leicester)
Everton  – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Burnley)
6Troyes – Asian handicap +0.5 (vs Red Star FC) [France]£160.81£184.93tick
5Man Utd – Handicap +2 (vs Besitkas)
Besitkas – No clean sheet (vs Lyon)
4Atletico Madrid – Win either half (vs Leicester)
FC  Inter vs RoPS – Over 0.5 goals
3Macclesfield vs Maidstone – Over 1.5 goals [ENG NL]£85.40£106.75tick
2Crystal Palace vs Arsenal – Over 1.5 goals£70£85.40tick
1Roma – Win or draw (vs Bolonga)
Everton vs Leicester – Over 1.5 goals



10th February Race WINS!!

7Napoli to win (vs Genoa)
Espanyol v Real Sociedad over 0.5 match goals
6Nice to win/draw (vs St Ettiene)£147.33£189.42tick
5FK Qabala to win (vs AZAL)£122.78£147.33tick
4Olympique Medea to win/draw (vs JS Saoura)£98.22£122.78tick
3Hungerford Town to win/draw (vs Truro City)
NAST Mis to win/draw (vs Esteghlal Ahvaz)
2Man City to win (vs Swansea)£62.50£76.39tick
1Chelsea to win/draw (vs Arsenal)£50£62.50tick



28th December Race WINS!!

7Wadi Degla to win/draw (vs Aswan)£212.22£259.38tick
6Brighton to win/draw (vs QPR)
JS Kabylie to win (vs Nasr El Fedjoudj)
5Forfar to win/draw (vs Clyde)£130.60£169.78tick
4Ismaily SC to win (vs ALRML)
Al Kuwait to win (vs Burgan)
3USM Blida to win/draw (vs JSM Bejaia)£83.33£99.99tick
2Al Fujairah to win/draw (vs Al Shaab)£62.50£83.33tick
1Monaco to win (vs Caen)£50£62.50tick



October Race WINS!!

7Racing Santander to win/draw (vs Amorebieta)
Pena Sport to win (vs CD Erreberri)
Como v Pontedera over 0.5 match goals
6Poland to win (vs Armenia)£171.10£202.20tick
5Academica to win/draw (vs Varzim)£142.59£171.10tick
4Israel to win (vs Liechtenstein)
Croatia to win/draw (vs Finland)
Iceland v Turkey over 0.5 match goals
3Scotland to win/draw (vs Lithuania)
Germany to win either half (vs Czech Republic)
Bradford to win/draw (vs Shrewsbury)
2France to win (vs Bulgaria)
Belgium to win/draw (vs Bosnia)
1Iceland to win/draw (vs Finland)
Arsenal Women to win (vs Doncaster Belles)
Croatia to win/draw (vs Kosovo)



5th  October 2016 Race WINS!!

Bet 130/09/16MC Oran to win/draw (vs USM El Harrach)£50£62.50tick
Bet 201/10/16Brentford to win/draw (vs Wigan)£62.50£78.12tick
Bet 302/10/16IFK Mariehamn to win (vs PK-35)
Cagliari to win/draw (vs Crotone)
Bet 403/10/16Pyunik Yerevan II to win (vs Erebuni FC)£102.03£124.70tick
Bet 503/10/16Wil to win/draw (vs FC Schaffhausen)
Carpi to win/draw (vs Pisa)
Bet 604/10/16Harrogate Town to win/draw (vs FC United Of Manchester)£166.27£203.22tick
Bet 705/10/16Busan I Park to win/draw (vs Goyang Zaicro FC)
Elversberg to win/draw (vs Wormatia Worms)


Early September 2016 Completion

Bet 125/08/16Vejle to win/draw (vs AB)£50£60tick
Bet 226/08/16Bayern Munich to win (vs Werder Bremen)
PSV Reserves to win/draw (vs Utrecht Reserves)
Bet 327/08/16Chelsea to win (vs Burnley)£78£97tick
Bet 429/08/16Forest Green to win (vs Southport)£97£132.27tick
Bet 530/08/16Trelleborg to win/draw (vs IK Frej)£132.27£165.34tick
Bet 631/08/16Motor Lublin to win (vs Wierna Malogoszcz)£165.34£198.40tick
Bet 701/09/16Chelsea Women to win (vs Notts County Women)£198.40£255.08tick



June 2016 Completion

Bet 108/06/16Les Astres FC De Douala to win/draw (vs Bamboutos de Mbouda)£50£61.11tick
Bet 208/06/16LSF U21 to win (vs BSF U21)£61.11£81.48tick
Bet 309/06/16UMS De Loum to win/draw (vs Cotonsport)£81.48£104.76tick
Bet 410/06/16Houngang United FC no clean sheet (vs Balestier Khalsa FC)£104.76£130.95tick
Bet 510/06/16France to win (vs Romania)£130.95£178.56tick
Bet 611/06/16Hovas Billdal IF Women to win (vs Sundsvall Women)£178.56£221.02tick
Bet 712/06/16Poland to win/draw (vs Northern Ireland)£221.02£252.59tick


Second May Completion

Bet 113/05/16MC Alger to win/draw (vs CS Constantine)£50£62.50tick
Bet 214/05/16Bangkok United to win (vs Nakhon Ratchasima)£62.50£78.12tick
Bet 314/05/16Thor Akureyri to win/draw (vs Fram Reykjavik)£78.12£101.55tick
Bet 415/05/16Hai Phong to win/draw (vs Sanna Khanh Hoa)£101.55£126.93tick
Bet 515/05/16Arsenal to win (vs Aston Villa)~Norwich no clean sheet (vs Everton)£126.93£158.66tick
Bet 615/05/16Real Salt Lake no clean sheet (vs Houston Dynamo)£158.66£193.91tick
Bet 716/05/16Vendsyssel FF to win/draw (vs FC Roksilde)
Wadi Degla to win/draw (vs Aswan FC)
HJK Helsinki to win/draw (vs Inter Turku)

May 2016 Completion

Bet 130/04/16Alibrex Niigata no clean sheet (vs Ventforet Kofu)£50£80.76tick
Bet 230/04/16Newcastle to win/draw (vs Crystal Palace)£80.76£98.70tick
Bet 301/05/16Liverpool no clean sheet (vs Swansea)£98.70£138.18tick
Bet 402/05/16Man City Women to win (vs Doncaster Rovers Women)£138.18£157.92tick
Bet 502/05/16Ostersunds FK no clean sheet (vs Djurdarden)£157.92£184.24tick
Bet 603/05/16Negeri Sembilan to win/draw (vs Sabah)£184.24£204.71tick
Bet 704/05/16IFK Mariehamn to win/draw (vs PK-35)£204.71£255.88tick


Third March 2016 Completion

Bet 127/03/16Kallithea to win/draw (vs Lamia)£50£64.28tick
Bet 227/03/16Kawkab Marrakech no clean sheet (vs Met Tetouan)£64.28£83.56tick
Bet 328/03/16Rott Weiss Ahlen to win (vs Wegberg-Beeck)£83.56£108.62tick
Bet 428/03/16GKS Belchatow no clean sheet (vs Wisla Plock)£108.62£144.82tick
Bet 529/03/16Stzorm Gdansk Women to win/draw (vs Bydgoszcz Women)£144.82£177.00tick
Bet 629/03/16Serbia to win/draw (vs Estonia)£177.00£212.40tick
Bet 730/03/16Avezzano to win/draw (vs Giulianova)£212.40£259.60tick


 Second March 2016 Challenge Completion

Bet 110/03/16Naft Tehran to win/draw (vs Gostaresh Foolad)£50£62.50tick
Bet 210/03/16Borussia Dortmund to win either half (vs Tottenham)£62.50£80.35tick
Bet 311/03/16Amal Bou Saada U21 to win/draw (vs Ain Fakroun U21)£80.35£103.30tick
Bet 411/03/16Virtus Entella U19 to win/draw (vs Spezia U19)£103.30£132.81tick
Bet 511/03/16SV Kapfenberg no clean sheet (vs Wiener Neustadt)£132.81£162.32tick
Bet 612/03/16Borussia M'gladbach to win either half (vs Eintracht Frankfurt)£162.32£208.69tick
Bet 713/03/16Dinamo Zagreb to win (vs Lokomotiv Zagreb)£208.69£260.86tick


First March 2016 Challenge Completion

Bet 129/02/16AAB no clean sheet (vs Midtjylland)£50£62.50tick
Bet 201/02/16Karlsruhe to win/draw (vs Paderborn)£62.50£78.12tick
Bet 301/02/16Hearts to win/draw (vs Inverness)£78.12£97.65tick
Bet 402/02/16Galatasaray to win/draw (vs Akhisar Belediye)£97.65£122.06tick
Bet 503/02/16Beroe to win/draw (vs Cherno More Varna)£122.06£149.18tick
Bet 603/02/16Granada v Sporting Gijon over 1.5 match goals£149.18£193.93tick
Bet 704/02/16Padideh Khorasan to win/draw (vs Malavan)£198.93£257.40tick


Feb 2016 Challenge Completion

Bet 131/01/16Everton to win either half (vs Carlisle)
Valencia v Sporting Gijon over 0.5 match goals
Bet 202/02/16Derby to win/draw (vs Preston)
Sassuolo v Roma over 0.5 match goals
Bet 303/02/16Juventus to win either half (Genoa)
PSG to win either half (vs Lorient)
Bet 404/02/16RoPS to win/draw (vs KuPS)£101.28£126.60tick
Bet 505/02/16Helmond Sport no clean sheet (vs Emmen)£126.60£158.25tick
Bet 606/02/16Middlesbrough to win/draw (vs Blackburn)
Watford no clean sheet (vs Tottenham)
Bet 707/02/16Barnsley to win/draw (vs Bury)£200.29£257.51tick

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