6 Tips For Gambling Safely

Online gambling  has seen a massive increase in popularity in recent years, and gamblers from all around the world have a huge choice of websites to choose from. Some offer specific types of gambling, such as bingo, poker or betting, whilst most of them offer users the chance of placing their money in sports. It is vital that we avoid losing our discipline when gambling as it can cause financial struggles, be detrimental to our lifestyle and even be detrimental to our relationships with others. Be sure to follow these guidelines to avoid such issues so you can continue to bet without these issues.

Online gambling  carries the risk of criminal activity and there are also other potential risks such as the exposure to children and use by vulnerable people.  There have also been issues revolving identity theft, whereby criminals have been given access to personal information. Users have also been lured into opening accounts with the exaggerated promise of collecting large profits and bonuses.


As every system is imperfect, it is very important to practice safe gambling and encourage others not to misuse the platforms available. Here are some of the many ways to practice safe gambling on the Internet.
1. Bet what you can afford

Make sure to bet what you can afford. Set aside an amount you are willing to lose before you begin gambling each week.

2. Do your research on bookies 

Use well-known online betting companies with a good reputation. Some companies are known to wait up to a month before withdrawals are processed.

3. Rules & regulations

Make sure you understand the full set of rules of the website. Know every term and type of bet available. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions before registering an account.

4. Seeking betting tips

There are tipsters with a vast football knowledge that constantly watch and analyse football as a profession. They provide daily football tips in order to limit the risks of losing your football bets. Subscribe here for daily football betting tips from our tipsters at Clever Bets.

5. Customer support 

Ensure good quality of customer support offered by website, whether by email or contacting you directly.

6. Deposits and withdrawals

It is crucial to check the information regarding deposits and withdrawals to or from an account. Ensure a variety of methods that are simple to use. In addition make sure you check the minimum deposits and withdrawals.


We hope we  have assisted you in your future experiences of gambling. Follow these guidelines and betting can be used as a form of entertainment rather than an added stress.


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