The secret behind winning football bets

The Football Betting Myth? Winning Football Bets.

Making money on something you love to watch. Watching football and raking in the profits. We all love winning football bets but what is the secret to actually winning? If you watch football so much you would assume it’s easy to make easy money, right? The answer is no! In a research study we found that 9 out of 10 football fans that watch over 180 minutes of football per week tend to lose more money than they win when betting. Also most of these think they are winning money even though they’re not.

Footy match (Winning football bets is fun)

Not Just Luck That Wins Bets?

We know that winning bets is not only determined by luck and that it takes more than watching football matches to get wins. Winning bets on a regular basis requires time and effort, effective research and planning and making the right selections. We at Clever Bets go even further. We monitor team form, performance, morale and even assess the mentality of teams, players and managers. In addition we are always investigating trends, statistics to help us provide the best tips we possibly can. This takes time and effort but we want to provide the greatest service we can for the public

Want To Try Our Football Tips?

We provide daily  tips on our website for you! To access these tips simply signup to our membership club here and bet with confidence! Our goal is to bring you winning football betting tips regularly. At Clever Bets we offer multiple betting challenges, including our historic 14 bets challenge that consists of turning £10 into £1000, £20 into £1000 or £50 into £1000. Due to our years of experience in researching and assessing football we have completed these betting challenges this several times. We have also recently introduced a new £5000 challenge. We hope to bring you all many winning football bets in the future.

Want winning football bets? Join Clever Bets for our predictions.

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  1. Johnb140 says:

    Because here is a list of multiplayer games is that the leave was asked fedkeeeeeafe

  2. Ronald says:

    i want to join but i am in Zimbabwe,how do i join?we do not have paypal here.

  3. how do i make payment from Nigeria, need a fast attention.

  4. hlwoooow i am new member

  5. Ekpo Solomon ufot says:

    Many thanks to cleverbetstips I’m in Nigeria and we don’t have access to PayPal please is their any other way of being a member thanks

  6. Ekpo Solomon ufot says:

    I’m in Nigeria and we don’t have access to PayPal please is their any other way of being a member thanks

  7. Very well expressed of course. !

  8. valentine madubuike says:

    You guys tip cleverly. Whenever I see your tips I see money

  9. nacander says:

    Hi guys am in nigeria and we don’t hav access to paypal system, so which other mode can I use in paying for the membership fee? So I cuold start getting tips too? Pla reply soonest

    1. Benjamin says:

      PayPal is live in Nigeria bro. I used it to make payment two days ago

  10. George Luton says:

    I seriously love you guys. Cheers again for that winner last night! #cleverbets #bookiebashing

    1. valentine madubuike says:

      U guys have taught me one thing I will never forget in life not to get carried away by the odds the book maker puts. Let’s kill it in 2014 I m with you guyssssss one love

  11. Sam Aldcroft says:

    Impressed with the #14Bets guys. Clever Bets seem to talk sense and attempt to actually make their customers money unlike some tipsters. Looking forward to the next Article.

  12. Jordan Rhodes says:

    Betting is easy!!!!!! I always win money

    1. John Smith says:

      Jordan your one of those foolish folk described in the article. Spot on Clever Bets haha

  13. Steve Black says:

    I’m the most unlucky person when it comes to bets. Going to take what’s been said on board next time! Thanks for the article

  14. James Mccan says:

    Got involved in your 14 bets challenge today 🙂
    £10 to £22.50 is a great start lads. Keep it up!

  15. Tom Kent says:

    Very true guys. Looking forward to your tips!!

  16. Joe Mellor says:

    Hey guys, its true you have to put in the effort! I’ve been really ecstatic with your tips. I’ve signed up to the premium yearly deal you’re doing. So happy site is up now. Lets bookie bash like usual this season 🙂

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