3 Great Football Markets to BET on

By January 18, 2014June 9th, 2015CB Betting

Why are some betting markets better to bet on? You can make far more money than you are currently making by betting on the right markets. Sometimes, as a punter, you do not realize the amazing potential to make profits from some football markets. Why is this so? Probably because you are focused only on a limited number of football markets. At Clever Bets, our aim is to help you make as much profit as you can so we will be telling you about three amazing profitable markets to bet on.


Both Teams To Score

This market is an exciting one as it allows you to select and stake money on matches where you expect both teams to score a goal. With this market, the eventual winner is irrelevant, just as long as both teams find the back of the net. Here is a tip for placing bets on this market. Look at the stats! Manchester City have a scored many goals this season, however they have simply conceded too many goals on the road. Away at Blackburn, Man City were huge favorites but an on-form Blackburn side managed to surprisingly upset City and get a 1 – 1 draw out of the game. Betting on both teams would have been a clever bet – no pun intended.


Total Team Goals
Predicting the total number of goals scored in a match is sometimes safer than predicting an outright winner. This market is also a much more profitable one than betting on who will win a game or who will score the goals. If a team is in scoring form but are likely to also concede a couple of goals then the market of ‘Over 1.5 team goals’ can be a great market to bet on.


Asian Handicap Markets

Asian handicap markets involve betting on a team having a goal head-start or deficit before the game begins. An example could be Manchester City at home to Norwich City. You can bet on Manchester City to have a -2.5 handicap which means that City would need to win the game by three goals to secure your winnings. Why bet on this market? Because it is a smart way of securing better odds. A typical City versus Norwich game will see City have a very short price which means less profit and Norwich having a long price which means more profit at a very high risk. To get better prices, playing the Asian handicap markets is the way to go.


We are Clever Bets – Helping you make good profits is our goal and investing in these markets should help you do just that!

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