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Winning high odds football accumulator bets is not just based on luck. Yes, sometimes people luckily win the occasional accumulator, without much effort. But our team strongly believes that research is so crucial for giving yourself the best possible chance of winning.

The professional football researchers at Clever Bets have decided to publish some of the key factors that impact their accumulator selections. Read on to discover their 7 steps guide on how to win football accumulator bets. Now, no bet is ever guaranteed to win, but you can increase your chances by having a better understanding of the fixtures your betting on. Knowing key news and accessing the right data can really help. So, here’s 7 key steps for selecting your football accumulator bets:

7 Key Steps for Winning Football Accumulator Bets

Step 1 – Assess the Form of Both Teams in the Fixture

Team form, player form, and overall morale of a squad are probably the most important factors in selecting accumulator bets. No matter, how good the players are on the team you’re picking, if they are low in confidence, it’s not really worth the risk in our opinion. For example, Liverpool became Premier league champions for the first time in 2019/2020 after a phenomenal season.

Despite this, the next season saw them suffer a horrific mid-way point in the season. And regardless of the injuries they suffered, the majority of their available key players were really off-form, including Saido Mane, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Robert Firmino. They lost nine times against the likes of Southampton, Burnley, Brighton, Fulham, and arch-rivals Everton. During this period, the high-level squad of Liverpool was one team you wanted to avoid in your accumulators. The risk surrounding player form and low odds made any bet including Liverpool to win, very unappealing.

You also need to consider the form of the opposing team. If both teams are on form, it may be worth avoiding these fixtures – unless of course, you have a very strong instinct or expectation of a particular outcome.

On the contrary, there are some instances where it can help to completely disregard recent statistical form. Sometimes you need to forget the stats or recent results – look into the past performances of teams, look at players returning to squads, look at potential incentives. For example, in local derbies, such as Inter Milan vs AC Milan (also known as Derby della Madonnina), form tends to go out of the window.

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Step 2 – Make Sure Key Players are Available. Identify Injury and Suspension News

As just mentioned, the availability of players is also very key. This factor can be applied to the above example of Liverpool. During the 2020/2021 season, Liverpool lost a whole host of players to injury for the majority of the season. Virgil Van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Fabinho, and Jordan Henderson were all major blows for Liverpool, despite managing to scrape themselves into the Champions League spots on the final day of the season (a sorry sight for all Leicester City and West Ham fans).

Ensure you put some deep research into the available lineups for the upcoming fixtures. Think about the in-game match-ups. Will the available players in their defense be strong enough to cope with the attack of the other team? Do the available players have enough match experience and chemistry playing together? Ask yourself these questions when picking your football accumulator bet selections to give yourself a better chance.

Step 3 – Research the Head-to-Head History of Past Fixtures

Take a look at the recent head-to-head history between the teams you’re including in your football accumulator bets. Alert yourself of longstanding trends. Also, when you do so, pay close attention to home and away head-to-heads. Home and away grounds can have great importance, especially with hostile, passionate fans in stadiums.

Sometimes certain teams really struggle at certain grounds of competitors. For example, during the mid-2010’s Manchester United really found their away trips to Stoke City’s ground, the Britannia stadium quite difficult. Between 2014 and 2017, Manchester United didn’t beat Stoke City in any away game. In a run of five away Premier League fixtures, Manchester United failed to win every game, losing two and drawing three in the process.

You can apply this historical context and logic to your future bets, so don’t forget to have a quick look.

Step 4 – Avoid Teams Going to Tough Competitor Grounds

Sometimes it’s not even just about the head-to-head fixtures. In fact, there are certain stadiums that are just difficult for any team to win at. A prolonged period of strong home form can turn competitor grounds into psychological barriers before the game even starts.

This applies to the home team and the away team. Home teams can really develop strong confidence and comfortability from prolonged success at their home ground. On the other hand, away teams can lose confidence based on the knowledge that the home team has been undefeated at home for a considerable amount of time. Psychology and mindsets apply can influence things in the real world, and this is no different in football. That’s why more and more football clubs are hiring psychology experts to help footballers manage the mental side of being a footballer.

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Step 5 – Avoid Betting Selections with Medium-to-High Risk and Low Reward

Another factor to consider is the odds that bookies are releasing. For example, let’s say a team is given 1.10 odds to win. Is there any point in including them in your accumulator? Weigh up the risk and reward. Now, if you’re using a stake that is considerably high to you, then maybe a selection of such low odds has its place. But if you’re just using disposable money that you really don’t mind losing, you may want to avoid fixtures where the risk is way higher than the potential reward.

Step 6 – Pay Attention to Match Incentives

Pay attention to the match incentives and motivations. Is a top striker facing a former club that treated them unfairly? Are they fighting for the Champions League or Play-Offs? Could they be relegated, if they don’t turn around their form? Ask yourself these types of questions when placing bets. Match incentives really apply towards the end of the season, so it’s something to put at the front of your mind in these times.

Always be wary of the fact that some teams, simply struggle to cope with the pressure, even though they have huge incentives to win. (Sorry to mention this if you’re a Leicester City fan), but there has been a couple of times where Leicester City has failed to qualify for the Champions League at the final hurdle. This happened in May 2021 on the final day of the Premier League season, when a victory against Tottenham Hotspur would’ve sealed their place in the Uefa Champions League.

So yes, it’s a good idea to pay attention to match incentives. But do always be cautious of the team you are betting on, and their ability to win when it matters most.

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Step 7 – Find Fixtures with High Odds that seem Overvalued

As mentioned in step 5, on occasions, sportsbooks can offer very low odds on certain games – sometimes undervalued odds. However, we personally find times where we think the bookies are quite generous with the odds they offer. Do your best to find these mistakes or misjudgments and capitalize on them. Finding overvalued odds is something that our tipster team really works hard to identify on a daily basis, and you can too.

We hope this short guide helped you

We really do hope this FREE short 7 step guide on picking football accumulator bets has been helpful to you. As one of the pioneers in the football prediction industry, we feel it’s our responsibility to support your betting experience. In 2013, we set out to become the most authentic, trusted, and skilled betting tipster company in the industry. Thanks for reading this guide – If you don’t mind please share it with others, as we want to support as many people as we can.

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